How to Build a FREE eCommerce Store (Use This FREE WordPress Plugin)

In this video I’ll quickly show you the steps to take to build an ecommerce store using a FREE plugin on WordPress called WooCommerce.

This tutorial is for WordPress Website users so if you don’t use WordPress it won’t apply to you.

You can visit the plugins tab inside you wordpress dashboard and hit “Add new” then search “WooCommerce”

Most WordPress sites download today with WooCommerce already installed.

I show you in the video a simple membership plugin if you want to lock content from people unless they paid as customers. WooCommerce sells a membership plugin for $199 but I’ll share a cheaper plugin that does the same thing.

This video is only 20 minutes long to keep things short and simple. I summarize everything for you.

For full detailed tutorials, I built an entire course that was requested by you guys. Visit to lear more.

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