SEO Setup 2018 (5 Tools You Need to Succeed)

We show you which SEO tools we use and recommend for setting up any new website, WordPress or not! These are the essentials that every website should have so you can gain an understanding of where people are coming from, which keywords they used, what they do on your website, who they are, what content they are looking at, and where they drop off.

These tools form the foundation, but we use 20+ other tools and resources that give us a really deep understanding of behaviour, and where to find other opportunities.

The tools:
1. Google Analytics ()
– Setup event tracking ()
– Setup goal tracking ()
– Audience definition ()
– Turn on user metrics ()
2. Google Webmaster Tools ()
– Submit sitemap ()
– Connect to Google Analytics
3. Google AdWords ()
– Even if you’re not running ads yet
4. Facebook Pixel ()
– Even if you’re not running ads yet
5. CloudFlare ()
– SEO speed
– SSL certificate (security)

Bonus info: WordPress Setup
– SEO Plugin (Yoast) ()
– Google Analytics plugin
– CloudFlare Plugin

Website Grader ()
– Research keywords (Will be a separate talk)

Our SEO Setup Questionnaire: